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For the Guys


Guys, the first round is on us while you enjoy some camaraderie!

Because raising a child with unique needs is HARD, join us for DISCUSSION and NEW FRIENDSHIPS! This month a panel will be sharing activities that you can enjoy with your child.

We are very thankful to MARK WALLACE MCGUIRE for leading our quarterly group and for LINE CREEK BREWERY for the awesome space to meet!

To RSVP, click on the invitation.


Games, Food, "Touch a Truck" w/ PTC Fire & Rescue, and MORE...

A special HOUR set-aside for OUR FAMILIES before crowds arrive!

Our dream was to improve safety in the home for our families with special needs by reducing fire risk. We wanted to do this by ensuring our families had non-expired fire extinguishers in their homes because we know that loving caregivers teach their dependents self-reliant skills in the kitchen. "Did mom say 2 minutes in the microwave or 20?"

But, heck, could we operate a fire extinguisher when stressed? NO? We want to fix that problem and so does the PTC Fire Department and City of PTC! Visit Southside Support at our SENSORY-SAFE MOBILE ACCOMMODATION TENT anytime during the event (2:00pm-5:00pm). But, YOU MAY WANT TO COME EARLY because the Fire Department has set-aside the first hour for US! At our tent, we will be handing out FREE extinguishers to the first FIFTY FAMILIES and fire personnel will dedicate their time to training us and our dependents with special needs how to use a fire extinguisher!

Our dream has come true as a result of a grant provided by the employees of PANASONIC AUTOMOTIVE in PTC! We are very grateful for their interest in partnering with Southside Support on this FIRE SAFETY MISSION with a side of FUN!

See you at the Park!

Complimentary YOGA for Caregivers

We recognize that raising a child who requires extra support and advocacy can wear down even the most resilient person, join us for YOGA NIDRA: A combination class, for all levels, of gentle postures and guided imagery to restore, destress, and relax the body in preparation for sleep. This class encourages healing from the inside out - from the day to day stressors mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Although this partnership with SOZO Yoga was brought to life by our monthly moms' support group, men are welcome to join in the relaxation. Just a heads-up, guys, that we may kick you out following the class for 20 minutes of girl-talk! No worries, Trilith has plenty of coffee and ice cream shops to visit!

RSVP required. Space limited to 25!

We are grateful for Kara Kiefer, owner of SOZO Yoga, for offering a free class just for our caregivers!

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