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This Resource Guide was created as a service for our Southside support families and community in the south metro Atlanta area. Inclusion in this list does not necessarily constitute endorsement by Southside Support.

Southside Support has compiled a list of providers in Georgia that serve special needs families. While Southside Support does not endorse any individual provider or service, we hope that this list allows you to quickly find the information and services you need to help your family. Please help us keep this list current by sending new services or changes to​


The Georgia Department of Community Health is one of Georgia’s four health agencies and serves as the lead agency for Medicaid. A goal of the DCH is to provide access to affordable, quality health care to Georgians, including some of the state’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Specifically, the Home and Community Based Services page outlines the Medicaid and waiver programs geared towards helping those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Found on the site is the "Home and Community Services Guide (HCBS GUIDE pdf)" that contains an overview of MEDICAID, KATIE BECKETT, and waiver programs like: NOW, COMP and GAPP,