Education, Training, Support, and Inclusion opportunities

for our community and for families and individuals with specialneeds in the South Metro Atlanta area.

Our mission is to provide


Our Misson

To connect families of children with special needs and individuals living with disabilities in south metro Atlanta with valuable resources in our community and also with each other. We do this through education, training, support, and inclusion opportunities, making our local communities more accessible to our otherly-abled population.


Who We Are

When a group of autism moms south of Atlanta connected online to share support, resources, and ideas, Southside Support was born. No longer just an autism support group, Southside Support seeks to connect families and individuals with all types of disabilities to each other and their communities.

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Christopher Reeve

Parent Testimonials

  • Anonymous parent at a monthly community gathering
    "...I used to buy my child every Matchbox car in the grocery store that he asked for because saying 'No' caused an embarrassing meltdown. My concern for the other shoppers' comfort and their perception of me and my child outweighed the valuable, teachable moment that would have benefited me and my son. Sharing my experience with other parents in the Southside Support Group provided comfort that I wasn't ALONE...."
    Anonymous parent at a monthly community gathering
  • Melanie Harper, Peachtree City, GA
    15 years ago, our son was diagnosed with autism. We couldn't participate in local activities for little kids because of his extreme behaviors like non-stop door slamming. I felt very isolated. If I'd had this group back then, we would have learned how to navigate life as a family with autism so much sooner.
    Melanie Harper, Peachtree City, GA