Leigh Curry
joined Southside Support
as Executive Director in 2023.

After receiving her master’s in human resources from the University of South Carolina, she worked as an Employee Relations Specialist and HR Consultant for over 15 years in Columbia, SC. In 2011, she and her family relocated to Peachtree City to be closer to family who praised the community as a great place to raise children. Today, Leigh, her husband, Malcolm, and their two sons are delighted to call PTC “home”!

Over the last 10 years in Fayette County, Leigh has been an avid community volunteer and further expanded her professional skillset working in children’s ministry and as a licensed loan officer. Southside Support is thrilled to welcome her as Executive Director where she can apply her business and financial acumen with her compassionate heart for others to serve our community.

Since caregiving for a family member with special needs is a highly demanding role, Leigh is passionate about coordinating community groups, respite care, and training, so that caregivers will feel better equipped. With Southside Support, Leigh dreams of helping individuals and families find, not only the resources they need, but also friendship and connections, so that they will not feel alone in their journey.