If you missed our 2021 Mental Health Symposium, or even if there were speakers you just didn’t get to see, we have good news for you! Due to overwhelming feedback from our attendees, we have decided to expand upon the topic of mental health for next year’s symposium. Speaker and EXPO vendor details will be updated regularly. Tickets available HERE.


—-Details from our Mental Health Symposium 2021—-

What an absolutely incredible day for Southside Support. With mounting COVID concerns, we had to make some last minute adjustments, but our team, our speakers, our vendors, and our attendees did so flawlessly. And the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Here, 3 weeks post symposium and not a single report of COVID or illness of any kind. Every precaution, every last minute change, THIS made it all worth while, protecting our entire community and still offering this desperately needed connection to resources and information about mental health.

2 out of town keynote speakers, 2 local special guest speakers, 8 breakout speakers, 18 panelists, 4 moderators and a WHOLE lot of volunteers! All came together to discuss a variety of mental health topics including: resiliency, anxiety, emotional wellness, grief, suicide prevention, addiction recovery, self care, CPTSD, interpersonal relationships, uncommon therapy models, guardian/conservatorship, hospitalizations, humor and even faith. There were tears, laughter, and life long connections made at this 6 hour, one day symposium conference.

Our feedback thus far has been so positive, our plan is to keep this same topic for our next symposium, and expand even further. We are working on a grant to increase the number of speakers and topics, bring you access to ALL private schools, therapy centers and medical practices specializing in care of kids with differences, and make it FREE to families and vendors alike.

Mark your calendars for Feb 3, 2023 (2/3/23). We will see you all THEN!!

Read all about our presenters, sponsors and the format of this year’s symposium on mental health, 2021. Click our 2021 program below to learn more!!!

Hourly Schedule

New Day

8 - 9
Check in
Check in and enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast, coffee, juice and water
9 - 10
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Suvrat Bhargave returns to discuss invisible disabilities and their impact on mental health
10 - 10:30
visit our vendors and expo presenters
10:30 - 11:30
Breakout Session 1
Select from 3 expert addresses
11:30 - 12
visit our vendors and expo presenters
12 - 1
Breakout Session 2
Select from 3 expert addresses
1 - 2
Choose from 20 table topics: TBA
2 - 3
Breakout Session 3
Select from 3 expert addresses
3 - 3:30
visit out vendors and expo presenters
3:30 - 4:30
Breakout Session 4
Select from 3 expert addresses
4:30 - 5
visit out vendors and expo presenters


Feb 03 2023


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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